Dec 17, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide


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We gathered together to collect inspirational ideas for out-of-the-box gift giving. Candles and socks are great, but… oh wait – those are both in here. Well, it looks like we’ve truly got you covered!


Alexandra’s Picks

Alexa-Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass

Give ‘em a gift they can really get hooked on. Because who doesn’t want a talking dead fish to remind them, yes, it is actually raining outside.

billy bass


Strong is the New Pretty

For my niece, for my cousin, and for all the other strong girls in the making, who are proud to be 100% themselves. Inspiring, empowering and fun, this photo book celebrates the spirit of girls and what makes each of us unique.strong is the new pretty



Andrea’s Picks

Because it’s New Winter Wines in vials and everyone loves classic cold weather pairings with a twist.
Because it’s from “Hip new winemakers swapping classical music for Drake in the cellar while harvesting vines planted 100+ years ago”.


Because the best things in life aren’t things.
Because it’s “an epic experience” and it’s custom — two ingredients that add spice to life.


Baseball Park Map Whiskey Glasses

Because it’s doesn’t get any more timely, or timeless, than baseball and whiskey.
Because it blends form and function for an iconic win-win.

baseball glasses


Dodow Sleep Light

Because it’s cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation, yoga and meditation in a light for better sleep.
Because it’s a mix of science and buddhist-inspired sweet dreams.

dodow sleep light



Amanda’s Picks

Artifact Uprising Book

A personalized photo book to capture memories made in 2018. Our pal, Joanie, is giving one to her mom this year!

artifact uprising


A Karaoke Microphone “For the Kids”

Belt it out with no shame. The collective BrandJuice song choice? Anything from the A Star Is Born soundtrack.

karaoke microphone


Little Passports

Inspire your kids to learn about the world and watch them light up every month when they receive mail.

little passports


For the Hip and Understated Harry Potter Fan

All of your favorites in one place, ready to hold on to your striped scarf.

harry potter home decor


Lori’s Pick

Donut Shop Latte Sweet & Creamy Coffee Shot

The only gift worth givin’: the energy to get you through the holidays.

donut shop coffee shot


Nina’s Picks

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription

Perfect gift for music lovers and record collectors. Your giftee will receive a special edition vinyl delivered to their door each month! This subscription is a great way to discover new artists and revisit old favorites. A wonderful present for your hardworking self, as well.

vinyle me please


Liberty Puzzle

Who doesn’t love spending a weekend puzzlin’? Seriously, who? A nod to the classic jigsaw puzzle, each wood piece is intricately cut, often into shapes of characters, animals, and geometric designs related to the puzzle theme. Once the first piece is plunked in place, they will be hooked.

liberty puzzles



Brooke’s Picks

The Gift of Time

Because $90B gifts were returned in 2017, 62% of those being clothing, followed by another holiday go-to: sweets.

Because, “Gift giving is basically an exercise in mind reading—and human beings aren’t very good at mind reading,” says Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist studying how time, money and technology shape emotion. Dunn points to a potential solution in giving loved ones the gift of time, which could come in the form of time for yourself, with self-care options like fitness classes or spa services, but could also serve more functional purposes like housekeeping or childcare.

“The relationship improvements that recipients derive from experiential gifts stem from the intensity of emotion that is evoked when they consume the gifts rather than when the gifts are received,” reads a report out of the University of Toronto. “Giving experiential gifts is thus identified as a highly effective form of prosocial spending.”



Stock That Bookshelf

Because New Year, New You has to start from somewhere, here’s a short reading list.


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
By Anne Lamott

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance
By Angela Duckworth

& A fun one, for the road:
You’ll Grow Out of It
By Jessi Klein

reading books


Sean’s Picks

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker 

I chose this because not only is it flippin’ gorgeous, but it’s also just the essence of what you want in coffee. It is a sleek and simply elegant design that provides a delicious bold cup of pour over coffee right at home.

coffee maker


Bombas Socks gift set

Bombas is a brand that sells an excellent product with an inspiring message.  Their socks are cozy and their promise to donate a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair purchased will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside too.  In the spirit of giving, give twice.

bombas socks


Joanie’s Picks

18mm Wide Angle iPhone Lens from Moment

The progression of iPhone cameras are priming just about anyone to look like a photography pro, but to really up your on-the-go photo game, get the wide angle lens from Moment. It essentially turns your phone into a fancy-ass camera, while being way easier to schlep around than a fancy-ass camera.

phone camera lens


A Kiva Gift Card

The best gifts are often those that give back. Kiva is an international nonprofit that facilitates loans–not charity–to borrowers seeking opportunity. And by gifting a lending amount as little as $25 on Kiva, you give someone the chance to change a life. They choose who to support, and when the loan is repaid, they can relend those same funds again and again to make an even bigger impact.

kiva gift card


Heather’s Pick

Calm App Subscription

Rather than telling those loved ones to chill the heck out and go meditate so you can stop receiving their complaining about life texts, why not go ahead and give them the means to do so? Not to mention the fact that their adult bedtime stories include a tale of wonder from Matthew McConaughey…#worthit.



Emilee’s Picks

A Beeswax Candle

Some candle waxes aren’t incredibly healthy to burn in our home atmospheres. Beeswax, on the other hand burns clean and doesn’t pollute your air. Preferably from your local apiary, these candles are scented with the plants that particular hive happened to pollinate.  I mean, c’mon. How natural can it get?

beeswax candles


Areaware Balancing Blocks

Build yourself a mini Stonehenge (like this one in Munfordville, Ky.) and take a creative, mental break during work.

balancing blocks


Did you make it this far? Way to go, you last minute shopper. We hope some of these ideas help to inspire you this holiday season!

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