Built on unique ideation techniques, business model disruption and effective commercialization, we collaborate to create innovation ideas that power business growth.

Passport Day™ Parallel Worlds Inspiration

At BrandJuice, we firmly believe in the value of diving deep, head-first into uncharted waters to find new inspiration and strategies our clients may not have discovered otherwise. This journey into parallel worlds to inspire what could be, called Passport Day™ is a BrandJuice signature service, designed to engage teams in a variety of experiences to think beyond the category and explore analogs—some linear, some metaphorical, some abstract. All anchored in disrupting conventions to inspire and inform new possibilities for your brand. The resulting insights gathered throughout the day help us identify breakthrough, disruptive opportunities that serve as inspiration for the following day’s Creativity Collective® Ideation.

Creativity Collective® Ideation

We can all agree that your standard workshop can be both boring, tedious and worse yet, leave you feeling unsatisfied with the outputs. Our Creativity Collective® Ideation workshops are intentionally designed to flip the traditional meeting on its head. Through a highly collaborative, interactive, creative and fast-paced format, the objective of Creativity Collective® is to build out brand positioning concepts that are anchored in strategic territories. The Collective brings together members  from BrandJuice and client teams, then is injected with expertise through the inclusion of special guests we like to call our “Outside Thinkers”—hand-selected from our national assemblage of conceptual thinkers who bring outside perspective and a spirit of breakthrough thinking to our ideation. Together, we roll up our sleeves and explore concepts in intimate breakout groups, aided by thoughtful (and thought-provoking) stimulus. The result is a breadth of new concepts cultivated through bold imagination and big thinking—and instead of your typical workshop, it’s a day of frame-breaking, strategically-driven creative exploration.

Wallet Testing® Consumer Validation

Wallet Testing allows you to put your money where your mouth is. Because at BrandJuice, we know that attitudes don’t tell us much unless behavior—specifically spending hard-earned money—reflects those attitudes. And that’s why we developed the Wallet Testing® process, a proprietary transactional learning model that take your ideas in front of customers, to allow for learning in real life environments. It finally puts real dollars and market place behaviors at the fore for you by identifying why something sells and how best to sell it. Wallet Testing® is perfect for bringing innovations to life tangibly, creatively and tactically while learning and iterating as you go. This proven methodology saves companies time and money by crystalizing weaknesses and opportunities early in the product development and marketing process. The results help you avoid or mitigate risks and expenses, optimize marketing communications and clarify the value proposition before big media dollars are spent.

Category Creation

Innovation often means walking off the edge of existing maps and creating a whole new space to roam. When it comes to category creation, BrandJuice can help you create a new space, which means you get to control the framework, shape the language used to describe it and place your brand right there in the center of the map. For emerging products and services, our time-tested strategic process and thinking delivers bold, provocative and insights-based results.

New Product Development

To develop a new product from idea to launch, precious time and resources are required. But before you make such a high-stakes investment, let the BrandJuice team help you feel confident in your concept through our strategic exploration process for new product development. We have the know-how and contacts across industries to create game-changing product concepts—never losing sight of your business goals and the consumers’ unmet needs. We shine a light on the development process as we consider the competitive landscape, trends, consumer behavior and investment opportunities. Through a series of internal workshops and external engagement, we can evaluate and filter the ideas with a lens inward to business requirements and brand equities, and a lens outward to the disruption opportunity and future horizons. Next, we gather consumer feedback on the ideas through narrative storytelling, visual and audio identities and 2D rendering. So, got a great idea? Our team can help you develop a set of concepts that bring that idea to life.

The Work

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