Great brands are not lucky accidents.

Whether creating a brand from the ground up or breathing life into an existing one, our approach is a proven and studied blend of customer and cultural insights, business savvy and competitive differentiation.


Great insights are born from curiosity. Actionable insights are born when purpose meets need. BrandJuice delivers both. By asking the right questions, we tap into the evolving bloodline of consumer demand, executing insight-driven services to help you build a brand with impact—one that resonates. Rooted in these core understandings, living, breathing strategies with the soul to survive come to life as we translate across channels through our design and creative expertise. This humanized approach to insights inspires emotionally-driven connections between brands and consumers that deepen as they unfold across every touchpoint.

Futurefluence™ Trend Foresights

Building a brand requires unfettered exploration. A process of turning over even the most unexpected of stones to find the treasures that lie beneath. That’s why our approach implements the process of Futurefluence™—a method of taking in the broader world around us to extract inspiration from the ever-changing landscape of consumer experiences. Applying a future-forward lens to brand work, Futurefluence deep dives into a variety of cultural outlets and competitive thought leaders to glean insights around macro change forces and disruptive trends emerging in the now, that will ultimately shape the future. We leverage these learnings to form relevant implications that lend strategic foresight to contemplate a brand’s most fruitful opportunities.

Brand Architecture

We are builders of brands armed with the Brand Architecture as our blueprint. A framework guiding who the brand is, and how it presents itself, the Architecture isolates all of its life-driving elements including: brand promise, brand positioning, lead benefit (emotional and functional), points of difference and reasons to believe. Serving as an unwavering foundation, the Architecture lays out a brand’s Experience Pillars, or the structural supports that strengthen how a brand should make audiences feel, as well as paving differentiated language tonality to guide communication and steer effective activation.


A name is a crucial aspect of crafting an identity. Which is why BrandJuice’s Namestorming™ process is designed to derive power and purpose, generating impact-driven names for brands and products that pack a punch. To inspire names that stick in the mind and touch the heart, we link market insights and motivating brand drivers to develop names that exude brand equity, intuitively deliver benefit and convey lasting phonetics. And, to ensure the broadest range of strategic creativity, BrandJuice assembles a team of contributors representing a diverse range of expertise—from brand strategists, to copywriters and linguistic experts, to visual designers and verbal storytellers—to give life to a name your brand was born to have.

Integrated Marketing Planning

We all know the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Turns out this sentiment holds true even when applied to brand activation, as the reason why marketing plans with the best of intentions fall flat due to a disparate and disjointed approach. At BrandJuice, we believe that a targeted and holistic plan of paid media and unpaid channels will ensure that your brand is heard and seen in the right places at the right time. Because brand awareness—backed by integrated marketing planning—means no targeted stone unturned, no consumer overlooked or underestimated. We can help you strategically address internal campaigns in conjunction with external marketing strategic plans, wrapped up nicely into one comprehensive, cohesive and executable package (bow not included).

In-Market Messaging

Clear, authentic messages drive consumer behavior and brand loyalty. But the question is, how do you get your various audiences to listen? At BrandJuice, we create a custom tactical messaging guide, called a Messaging Matrix, that is designed to translate the strategic Brand Positioning and speak directly to your distinct target audiences. Often used as a master communications tool by clients, the actionable Messaging Matrix isn’t just what to say, but how to say it. Delivering a consistent, yet nuanced message across digital, social, website and advertising, our in-market messaging can be leveraged in a number of ways: sales teams can target new leads, marketing departments can use it to feed all communications and leadership can use it to benchmark communications initiatives and new employee on-boarding. Plus, it’s built from insights, so you can use it to drive customers to your products and services.

Brand VO2™ Brand Health Tracking

Today, the health of your brand is is as important as its strategic positioning and identity. To ensure your brand lives a long, happy life, we’ve developed Brand VO2™, a cloud-based software that effectively tracks, responds to and anticipates customer perceptions—monitoring the health of your brand in real time to optimize business performance. Brand VO2™ provides a simple aggregated view of your brand’s health and the competition, based on online conversations, thus spotting emerging issues and competitive weaknesses.

Using Brand VO2™ software, we can understand thousands of consumer conversations online. We structure and analyze comments that consumers have taken the time to post in social media, e-commerce reviews (e.g.,, blogs and discussion boards. In other words, no one is being recruited to offer their opinions. This data helps us establish a baseline for a new brand and also can also be used to measure launch success in the future.

The Work

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