Sometimes, you have to acknowledge that you can't do it all.

Yes, my brand needs some help


Brands must adapt to the rapidly changing market.

To help, we’ve built brand solutions to sprint in as little as four weeks, integrating mission-critical inputs and high-value outputs your brand can quickly execute.

1. Risk Mitigation
2. Dynamic Brand Action Plan
3. Content Strategy
4. In-Person Brand Experience
5. Campaign Creation
6. Market Differentiation

Risk Mitigation

How will your brand prepare for a new tomorrow, when today’s uproot can be all-consuming? 


It’s said that adapting to a change, especially unanticipated, is done one day—one step—at time. Yet facing today’s business reality amidst global upheaval, while anticipating what’s next, is a double-tall order. This 4-step process helps advance your brand—understanding tomorrow’s opportunities and reducing risk to make a healthy introduction to the new normal ahead.

  • Futurefluence™ Trend Foresights
  • Brand Ignition Session
  • Landscape Audit & Analysis
  • Scenario Planning Workshop



  • Risk Mitigation Plan

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”-Socrates

Dynamic Brand Action Plan

How do brands adapt to master today’s unknown, with a clear path forward? 


Our world is constantly shifting, unknowns sprouting at every turn. Yet hope springs eternal and brands have time-sensitive opportunities for rebirth—to play into the cultural conversation, to harness brand power with a fresh tilling of white space. These quick steps apply trends and realities to your brand with a future-forward framework to safeguard equity and define a roadmap for action. 

  • Brand Audit: Hindsight & Foresight
  • Futurefluence™ Trend Implications
  • Headwind & Tailwind Brand Forces
  • Strategic Opportunity Assessment



  • Brand Action Plan 

Content Strategy

How can your brand impact the right people at the right time and place when it’s all in flux? 


Is your brand hard to hear or struggling with what to say, yet needs to shout from the rooftops? Let’s be honest, not just any effort is worth the effort. Resources are finite and the landscape can change our sound stage in a blink. This bite-sized process identifies where your brand can most effectively connect with its audience—with a plan and a song sheet to sing and be heard.

  • Target Persona Benefit Definition
  • Competitive Landscape and Out-of-Category Audit 
  • Brand Story
  • Message Matrix



  • Messaging Playbook

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.”   -John Emmerling

In-Person Brand Experience 

How can your brand maintain and create physical, high-touch customer experiences in a time of low-touch?


From one-way grocery lanes, to capacity caps, to contact-less everything, interaction in our physical world is evolving—and some brand connections are disappearing with it. Rather than over-sanitizing customer experience to a point of dilution, this process defines physical opportunities to reinforce your brand values, personality and character through experiential touchpoints that reestablish high-touch connection (while maintaining a safe social distance, of course).

  • End-to-End Experience Audit
  • Touchpoint Mapping & Messaging Strategy
  • Creative Activation Concept
  • Execution-Ready Design Templates



  • In-Person Experience Toolkit 

Campaign Creation

How can your brand quickly launch a time-sensitive campaign that is also strategically sound? 


Does the idea that “creativity is intelligence having fun” currently seem insurmountable? Winning campaigns have the power to move mountains, but the ascent through the outbreak terrain can be steep. This process takes the most direct path to the summit by anchoring bold creative ideation in strategic realities, delivering tools that can propel your brand’s ascent to higher ground in-market.

  • Competitive Opportunity Map
  • Creative Concepting
  • Tactics Ideation
  • Hero Campaign Development & Templates



  • Campaign Activation Toolkit 

Market Differentiation

How does a brand pivot to see, differentiate, and claim share in shifting markets?


Is your audience having sensory overload in a shaken market where reality is unprecedented? Our worldits needs and expectationsare morphing by the minute. This “outside-in” approach applies market realities to your brand proposition, crystallizing that diamond in the rough: a unique point of difference to deliver on today’s unmet needs with tactics to stay in the game.

  • Competitive Landscape Study
  • Futurefluence™ Trend Foresights
  • Social Listening 
  • Innovation Opportunity Map



  • Differentiation Opportunity Roadmap & Quick Wins

are you ready?

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