Jan 30, 2017



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Nothing’s better than gaining recognition for your work from the industry’s most creative minds. Well, maybe world peace and a cloak of invisibility. Maybe. But still, for us winning awards holds immense meaning. Beyond the internal excitement and positive vibes boost, they acknowledge that the work we do—the work that occupies 99% of our daily mindshare and contains not only our heart, but a decent amount of our blood, sweat and tears as well—is helping our clients rise above the high tide of competitor content.

2016, both in and out of the proverbial four walls of the BrandJuice office, was spent collaborating with several clients across a segment of diverse industries to execute projects in the realms of strategy, innovation and design. As a result, our portfolio of purposeful brand work and inspiring creative expanded to include some of our most compelling work yet. And Ad Club seemed to agree. Two client projects we completed this year were submitted in the tenth annual Ad Club Fifty Awards, both winning highly coveted spots among Colorado’s top 50 ideas of 2016. Below is a closer look at our two winning submissions.

Shout-out to both of these amazing clients for allowing us to collaborate, push their boundaries, and take them on the unconventional, yet wonderful journey that constitutes our branding and creative process. We’re excited to see what 2017 has in store.






Quickie was a pioneer and industry innovator in the performance wheelchair category, but new competitive brands were stealing share by mimicking product features. The clients asked for a way to reinvigorate the brand externally and empower their sales force with a competitive sense of identity.


Real consumer juries led to a new positioning around “The Human Endeavor.” The goal was to forget the serious tone of wheelchairs and limited function and think of Quickie as “the vehicle of choice” for fun and social maneuverability.

To boost energy, the campaign was scheduled to unveil between the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic games. All 25O Quickie reps attended a torch lighting ceremony at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs. The campaign presentation that followed was met with applause. Quickie’s sales team enthusiastically engaged the shift from product features to a more human and authentic user focus.


Agency:  BrandJuice
Design Director: Heather Thill
Creative Director: John Bellina
Senior Designer: Kim McDonald
Account Director: Amanda Cook
Strategist: Lizzy Bakhaus
Photographer: Dave Lehl
Client: Sunrise Medical; Teresa Adkins,Vice President of Marketing







In a fast growing industry saturated with pot leaves and pun, BlueKudu, a chocolate edibles brand, decided to earn premium status and price point in category by repositioning their product line with a standout naming structure, elegant packaging and a more user-friendly form factor.


The goal of the design was to move beyond just premium taste or a quality cannabis experience by connecting each flavor with a relevant location and mood. The location-based design supported the overall brand strategy and tagline of “Unwind Anytime.”

BlueKudu revealed their new brand at the Cannabis Cup in Denver. The design shattered all industry norms and the consumer response was immediate. Dispensaries reported a 35% increase in sales in the first two months, regardless of price increase, proving a more sophisticated and inviting look and feel could earn a higher share of wallet and establish a differentiated and premium position.


Agency: BrandJuice
Design Director: Heather Thill
Designer: Avi Kommel
Account Director: Erin Blood
Strategists: Lizzy Bakhaus, Joanie Bier
Product Photographer: Will Rutledge
Client: BlueKudu;
Andrew Schrot, CEO

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