Sep 19, 2018

Breaking the Walls of Hospitality


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With the support of brands like Patagonia and REI, the outdoor trend inspiring travel and out-of-bounds adventure shows no sign of slowing. And hoteliers are taking notice, cultivating unusual experiences, breaking down literal walls to give guests a closer connection to Mother Nature. Places like no other, where guests’ experience must be as authentic as the surroundings.

One such hospitality group is providing awe-inspiring accommodations in the Swiss Alps, 6,463 feet above sea level. The Null Stern Hotel invites guests to slumber in comfortable open-air double beds, with butlers on hand to deliver food and special requests, and a public restroom only 10 minutes away. According to the group, in the last 10 to 15 years, guests have shifted their focus from the tangible to intangible aspects of hospitality, such as guest service, emotional experience, guest recognition, and anticipation of needs. What makes the Null Stern unique is a focus on bringing guests to the center of the creative process, a collaborative approach to innovation that is as natural as the mountain setting.

Memu Earth Hotel is a similar wall-less hotel concept, launched in Hokkaido, Japan, whisking guests away to the heart of the Japanese countryside with the stars as their blanket. For those needing some boundaries, the hotel also offers a premium plan which includes a fully kitted yurt-like tent.

To connect travelers to their place, hospitality is experiencing a renaissance of many forms. And to stand out, innovators continue to break the boundaries on what is expected of a hotel in order to deliver true surprise and joy.

Beyond hospitality, brands old and new are pushing boundaries to reimagine the outdoor experience. Reinventing their identities and getting customers to play outside. As we continue to explore gold standard, read more here on a wellness-focused event we had the chance to experience with Adidas.

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