Feb 1, 2015

Build Your Brand With Soul


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Brand Love

Brand Love

With the evolution of the Internet, and social media in particular, how we market a brand has changed radically from the days of yesteryear. Consumers can connect with their favorite brands with a click of a button, or 140-characters, voicing their unconditional love, or passionate distaste. Creating brand loyalty has never been as important as it is today. And at the heart of brand loyalty, lies emotional connection. How do you define the right emotion? And just how do you make it resonate with consumers?

It begins deep at the core of your brand, and to remain authentic, must branch out to every touch point. From website and logo updates to tradeshow collateral and events, your marketing budget can be easily drained. While a holistic rebrand might be the best route, it fiscally isn’t always in the cards. So if your brand lacks a soul – a true emotional identity – what are some the most simple steps you might take to reroute and chart a more purposeful direction?

1. Solidify Your Unique Tone & Voice
From your website, collateral, social media and more, define what that brand sounds like in a human form. Who do you want your consumer to be able to relate to when thinking of your brand? Is it inspiring, thought-leading and technologically advanced like Steve Jobs? Or maternal, comfortable and classy, like your favorite Aunt? It might even be slightly irreverent, funny, and a bit offensive, say, a Russell Brand. Whoever it is, take out a pen and write it down. The adjectives that most bubble to the top will guide this emotional direction. Pinpointing this personality is key, as you can only be so many things.

2. Invigorate Social Responsibility
From Toms to Warby Parker, some of the most buzzed about brands are cause-oriented. But this “philanthropic capitalism” isn’t the only model you need adopt in creating a heart. What do you care about? Link it to your conversation. Internally, and externally. Whether it’s charitable giving or community activism, your efforts should be targeted toward the heart of your brand. After all, these activities are outbound, and whether we admit it or not, a part of your marketing strategy. For instance, if you’re a real estate developer, supporting your local food bank might not make the most sense, whereas a partnership with Habitat for Humanity would be a no-brainer. Continue to string central themes to every point on your master plan.

3. Best Practices
If a full set of brand guidelines is not in the cards you’ll need to create some form of best practices that guide your execution. Even if it’s just a one-pager, create a barometer to weigh every decision against in maintaining a consistent brand. Define your colors and the story behind your logo. Define your messaging strategy – internal language vs. external. Define your mission and your core values. The point to all of these efforts is definition. If these definitions are not clear in the hearts and minds of your employees, how will they ever be to your targeted consumer?

Building a brand with soul is complex. It’s like writing perfect prose. All of the elements must be artfully tied together, crafting a story that is as engaging and beautiful as it is functional and sound. But its all in the details, so any small step you can take to bring your personality to life will be instrumental.

For a complimentary 30-minute power brand review, give us a call. We’ll give you a prescription for new ways to build stronger emotional connections. Make More Meaning, with BrandJuice.

Brand Love


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