Communicating a Cohesive B to B
Brand Experience

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3 ways to better Illuminate your offering

Communication is the key to a superior brand experience. And for the experience to be cohesive and consistent for B to B customers, it requires thoughtfully tailored information from start to finish.
Below we’ve addressed specific communication challenges organizations face, along with examples of brands that are doing it right and key implications you can consider for your B to B business.



The Challenge

Our offering is too complicated for our customers to fully understand.

The Gold Standard: Turbo Tax

In a category filled with complication, paperwork and hassle, TurboTax shifted negative notions of tax filing complexity into positive perceptions of ease and accomplishment. Using layman’s terms with a simplified and personalized approach, TurboTax made a complex and daunting process feel simple and manageable, turning trust into annual repeat customers.

The Implication

Infuse ease into even the most complex aspects of the offering. Inspire your customers by breaking category conventions, developing a model that uniquely solves the challenges customers face when interacting with a complicated category.



The Challenge

It’s not clear to our customers what our offering is and how we add value.

The Gold Standard: Lemonade

Lemonade recognized that so few consumers understand exactly what they’re buying in an insurance package. So, Lemonade built a clearer model for insurance—one that is simple, intuitive and trustworthy. Using client transparency and getting down to just the details you need to know, Lemonade is reversing the traditional insurance model with a new agenda and corporate structures that make insurance plans make sense, to everyone.

The Implication

Help your customers understand their audience so they can provide clarity not only in terms of their product or service’s functionality, but in what the offering can help their customers achieve.



The Challenge

Our customers have to put in too much effort to use our product/service.

The Gold Standard: Slack

Rather than trying to fit its offering within current category conventions by developing a library of widgets that build upon one another, Slack created one centralized offering that self-defined its own category as “organizational information.” Its product became a “productivity tool” rather than a messaging app by increasing company-wide functionality with everything team’s need for productive workflows in one place.

The Implication

Help customers build efficiencies into their current structure to make the solution more accessible, streamlining processes for an easier transition from consideration to engagement.

Where do you begin?

We know that providing a cohesive brand experience can feel a little daunting for complex B to B organizations. Let’s connect and talk through how we can help you better communicate with your customers so that the entirety of your services and solutions are fully understood. 




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