Sep 30, 2019

Environmentally Conscious Brands: Personal & Home Care


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Doing More with Less Impact On Your Skin And The World Around You

Beauty brands and care products are rising to meet the needs of their consumers — with fears around harmful chemicals on the skin, frustrations with water and plastic waste and what is viewed to be unnecessarily high quality packaging designs, more consumers are saying no to the brands that aren’t placing planet first. 


back of kitchen

Realizing that the UK drinks 55 million cups of coffee each day, Revive Eco set out with the simple ambition to find a use for coffee beyond daily caffeination. The start-up has already received £235,000 of funding from the Zero Waste Scotland agency to extract and purify the oils found in coffee waste to create palm oil that can be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Kate McLoud eco-friendly body products

With a beautifully minimalistic brand wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, Kate McLeod introduces the Daily Stone which reminds consumers to switch to waterless products and solid alternatives to liquids that can be packaged with less waste. This plastic-free “stone” melts on contact with dry skin, as it’s made of a high concentration of cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil and avocado oil. 



The body shop colorful body yogurts

The Body Shop has released a range of plant-based products in its new line, but none as eye-catching as the special-edition banana bodycare collection that is entirely vegan and clearly states its plant-based ingredients. The Body Shop continues to impress by extending its line of Body Yogurts, a long-lasting hydrator made from almond milk, to a range of natural flavors.



by Humankind no plastic hair products

by Humankind is setting the innovation bar with its waste-reducing solutions for personal care products like shampoo and deodorant but most notably with its mouthwash offered in convenient tablets. Not only does it cut down on water and plastic waste in production, but it makes you more aware that water is often the number one ingredient in most personal care products and cosmetics. 




HiBar no plastic shampoo

If the bright, beautiful packaging doesn’t catch your eye, the form factor certainly will. HiBAR’s Solid Shampoo and Conditioner are visibly eliminating the use of water and plastic for packaging with a bar-of-soap style design that’s both an intriguing and highly minimalistic approach to downsizing in personal care. 



Cora Ball plastic fiber catcher

Plastic microfibers have become the newest enemy to our ocean waters, with more and more of our products being manufactured with plastic, like our clothing. When we do laundry, the plastic in our clothing sheds small plastic particles that enter our waterways, eventually our food chain and ultimately us! The Cora Ball catches these microfibers in our laundry before they make it that far, preventing our eventual plastic consumption. 



Eco Egg eco friendly dryer sheet replacement

The EcoEgg, though similar in aesthetic, solves for a different need — preventing the unnecessary use of traditional liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Plus, they’re free of harmful chemicals, great on sensitive skin and have the ability to reduce drying time by up to 28% as well. Over time, that’s an incredible impact.




Love Home and Planet cleaning products

Love Home and Planet have taken a different approach to laundry prevention with a dry shampoo for your clothing. And with so many issues attached to the chemicals in our laundry additives, their Dry Wash shows you how less can do a whole lot more.





What do these brands have in common?

Beauty and personal care have long existed in consumers’ minds in the “treat yo’ self” category, allowing consumers to make excuses for high-end splurges, unnecessary packaging and harmful ingredients. But we’re approaching a new era, one in which the personal care market is saturating with brands that are making thoughtful ingredient substitutions. It’s possible that the age-old status symbol of high-end skincare is shifting to highly-aware earthcare?
Consumers are consuming far more than they realize. Brands are shedding light on the fact that our monthly purchases don’t need to be wrapped in a beautiful bow, but instead can be downsized and streamlined by making significant evolutions to packaging — transitioning consumers to an entirely new purchasing behavior. Plus, minimalism is like so fetch right now. 


The BrandJuice team adores beautiful packaging, especially when it houses a gorgeous bottle with an eye-catching visual identity. But, we also recognize the importance of every brand’s ingredients, and for a personal care brand to truly succeed, its look and feel must be thoughtfully rooted in a differentiated strategy. The two must go hand-in-hand, as they do with our beloved Mox Mind + Body Care. Is this true for you brand? Reach out and we can help you figure it out! 


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