Dec 4, 2014

Gifts of Innovation #4: A Smart Notebook from Moleskine & Adobe


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Moleskine Smart Notebook

For a creative, melding the handcrafted world to the digital can be a challenge. Moleskine and Adobe have teamed up to create a revolutionary solution to the creative process. With the Smart Notebook and companion App, you can create work using both analog and digital without restrictions. It instantly captures drawings, letting artists work on them further in Adobe applications online.

With the Creative Cloud connection, hand-drawn sketches can be transformed into fully workable vector files accessible within the Adobe Creative Cloud. The Smart Notebook features a hard cover debossed with a custom Adobe design, rounded corners, a red elastic closure, red bookmark ribbon, and ivory colored paper with markers in the corners. Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communication, says:

“We don’t see a conflict between digital and analog tools. With our fans actively posting their Moleskine creations online, for us the digital realm is another open platform for creativity and self-expression. Rather than make our fans choose between analog and digital, they should be able to navigate both seamlessly.”

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