Jun 23, 2014

Good To-Go: Gourmet Meals For Explorers On The Move


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Good To-Go

In a Fast Food world, healthy, portable options can be surprisingly scarce. For chef Jennifer Scism and her husband, the need became increasingly apparent while planning a seven-day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks. What do you pack while stuck in the wilderness for a week? The cuisine would ultimately need to be lightweight, nonperishable, and easy to procure. The award-winning chef then posed the question of how to create such a product, and not only make it functional – but enjoyable as well – with flavor at the forefront. The tasty result was Good To-Go, simple, gourmet dehydrated meals.


Risotto-Double-Serving-Image-GTGHaving cooked at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in New York, Scism brought a wealth of experience into her backpacking cuisine. In addition to truly tasty eats, Good To-Go puts the focus on freshness, with straight-forward, simple formulas. Currently, Good To-Go offers three meals: gluten-free and vegetarian options with a bean chili and mushroom risotto,  and a pescetarian-friendly Thai curry.

With plans to expand offerings soon, Good To-Go has sights set on dinner and breakfast in the near future. Meals start at $6 per single serving and can be purchased online.

Images via goodto-go

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