There is a common misconception that investing in brand is an unnecessary luxury. This mindset fails to appreciate just how valuable a strong brand can be—more than just a logo, brands are critical business assets that drive customer acquisition and retention.


It can be difficult to draw a straight line between your brand and your bottom line, which makes it easy to dismiss the importance of brand investment, and to over-invest in immediate activation and under-invest in the cumulative power of branding.

But investing in your brand means investing in buyer recognition, trust, and affinity. Which means the ROI of branding is a lasting impact on sales velocity, growth, and your overall business valuation. The plain and simple truth is that an investment in your brand is critical to effective execution and proven to yield exponential returns as your business continues to grow.

Strong brands can
capture, on average,
3x the sales volume
of weak brands.
Companies that focused on their brand over the past 5 years saw
2.4x higher brand value growth
than those who didn’t.
Strong brands
command a
13% price premium
over weak brands.
Source: BrandzTM / Kantar Millward Brown
Source: Best Global Brands Report, Interbrand
Source: The Meaningfully Different Framework, Millward Brown


Here’s what we can help solve for:

  • Understand customer needs and nuances to establish the hierarchy and relation of brand offerings within the Harvest Hosts portfolio, in a way that resonates externally and sets an internal frame for growth
  • Clearly communicate the synergy of brand assets to steer marketing execution, in a way that significantly maximizes in-market value
  • Deliver emotional persuasion to expand reach and demand among new hosts and members while bolstering loyalty to secure retention with current hosts and members


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some of our proven results:


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“New products advertised with BrandJuice’s materials have shown success in the market. Brand recognition has also increased greatly. It’s no secret that we’re happy with the relationship and what BrandJuice did for us.”

 – CEO, Spectralink 

“BrandJuice had the vision, insights, and understanding to revitalize our heritage brand to embrace our loyalists as well as today’s ever-changing customers. Thanks to BrandJuice and their great work, we are confident in a bright future for our brand.”

– President/CEO, Scott’s Liquid Gold

“It is a beautiful thing when your partner easily adds incremental value to your team. BrandJuice brings a fresh approach, proven processes, and real-world expertise in obtaining critical launch success.”

FEI Product Research, P&G

“They’re wicked smart and they have a really great deep level of exploration on our projects. At the same time, it’s always fun working with them. If you can get great results and have fun doing it, that’s an agency I want to work with.”

– Vice President Corporate Marketing, Trimble

“BrandJuice will challenge you to look at your brand, market and customers in a new way. They approach things totally uniquely so even if you’re not sure if they are a fit, invite them to a pitch and you’ll see their differentiation firsthand.”

– Director of Global Marketing,  Eli Lilly

The bottom line

The bottom line is that investing in brand building strategies has helped companies grow their bottom lines.
Here are a few of our success stories.



Consistency Builds Growth: Modivcare

We integrated the complexities of numerous acquisitions and lines of business into a simplified, intuitive portfolio structure and strategy that drove company-wide efficiency and brought a clear, unified value proposition to market—contributing to a 25% increase in annual revenue.



Putting Members First Pays: RallyDay

We built a comprehensive brand strategy and identity that disrupted the traditional private equity model with a radical focus on customer-centricity, garnering national media coverage and helping RallyDay to close an above-target debut fund of $153 million.



Emotional Persuasion Influences Purchase Behavior: Quickie Wheelchairs

We launched an integrated brand campaign deeply and authentically connected to core consumer insights, with fearless imagery and bold messaging that shattered category norms and sales goals, resulting in annual growth 2x the industry average.



Great Experience Grows Attraction: Denver International Airport

We transformed a necessary connection hub into a sought-after destination by uncovering, defining, and delivering the ideal travel experience through a strategically optimized brand and experiential touchpoints—leading to 47 months of record-breaking traffic.



Clear Vision Accelerates Growth Pathways:Cala Health

We restructured the brand’s portfolio to seamlessly introduce new revenue streams and establish a clear product roadmap that would maximize market opportunities—helping Cala to secure $77 million in innovation funding to expand into additional indications.

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