Oct 11, 2018

How breaking rules in business opens the door to success.


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November 6th, 4-6pm

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Brand Innovation has been beaten to death in the world of business.

Cringe-worthy even. Slowly losing meaning in an era where we often change, simply for the sake of change. We’re forced to “innovate” to keep pace with consumers’ changing needs. But why should they care about your product? Why does it matter?

True innovation by definition brings about transformation that totally rocks our view of the world to the core. Makes us give a shit. About what you do, and why you matter. But in order to discover the driving need, there is a surprising mental block that stands between us and our big idea—this unusual block is our expertise.

Experts are safe, they have statistically significant data. They are accredited. They follow a proven process. But they’re prone to do the same thing, over and over again, forgoing unknown territory where discovery lives and breathes.

To create with purpose, we have to break the rules.

Approaching the world around us with a blank slate that demands we rethink what is known. And when we approach the world with this unbridled sense of curiosity, this is where true innovation, and true creativity can finally thrive. It begins by looking beyond the four walls of your business, and far beyond the bounds of a category. Immersing yourself not only in trends and shifts in human behavior, but by getting your hands dirty, trying something new, and having the countless conversations needed to spark a hidden idea.

In the spirit of breaking the rules, and instigating powerful conversation, BrandJuice is launching a series where you can learn and be inspired by leaders who have taken the road less traveled time and again. REBEL WITH A CAUSE convenes a dynamic group of thinkers—spanning multiple industries and disciplines—with one common purpose. We’re here for the stories. Those that cannot be artificially evoked, rather, lived, experienced and burned brightly into our memories. We share moments where we took a leap of faith, threw the process out the window, did things differently in order to reach a better result.

Get your ticket now for the first REBEL WITH A CAUSE on November 6th for stories by rebels with a clear purpose that gave them the power to create the extraordinary.

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