New Brand Realities in a Post COVID World

A digital conversation

A chat about change

Our post-pandemic world will never be the same. With new realities and behaviors shifting daily right before our eyes, there are time-sensitive opportunities for brands to evolve and emerge stronger than before.

BrandJuice strategy directors Alexandra Hilker and Lori Reifert discuss these cultural shifts and share insight-based predictions and ideas you can use to steer through the months ahead.

 Watch the webinar below to learn:


  • Why human-centric technology will drive winning brand experience
  • How luxury and retail will undergo a seismic shift
  • What fringe healthcare solutions are primed for adoption
  • Why VR will disrupt the concept of community
  • How demand for goods will change agriculture forever
  • Which industries will experience a tightening in privacy
  • How physical and digital environments will evolve to support wellbeing


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