Aug 23, 2018

The Battle of Information vs. Persuasion


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At the pivotal moment when consumers cast a vote with their dollar, the core question remains, “What’s in it for me?” How do we, as marketers, breakthrough the noise and resonate with your core audience? How do we shift our clients’ communication strategies away from inundating with facts and company history, and instead towards persuasion and the benefits that lie ahead? The answer, keeping the consumer at the core to make it clear exactly what’s in it for them.

The Benefits of Wool

American Wool Council was ready to do just that. With environmental groups touting falsities around the wrongdoings occurring in the wool industry, the American Wool Council needed to persuade its consumers, current and potential, on the benefits of choosing wool over any other fabric. To do so, we first needed to understand the core consumer and…wool. With targeted insights as a guide, a newly defined tone of voice and contemporary creative activation was able to meet consumers right where they are. Hikers, bikers, fashion designers, and home shoppers alike were segmented and tailored content specific to answer the question “what’s in it for me.”

With the key insight “don’t tell consumers what they already know about wool, teach them something new” leading our creative efforts,  we partnered with American Wool Council to extend the message from the website and give them a voice through four benefit specific videos. Utilizing core benefit language such as, “Moisture wicking to keep you dry, breathable to keep you cool. The one fabric for four seasons.” American Wool is extending the consumer mindset beyond grandma’s cable knit sweaters and into unchartered waters… to keep you dry.


But don’t believe me.

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