Jan 27, 2020

The Business of Brand Sustainability


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Companies have a job to do: Environmental Responsibility

A recent research report shows 90% of consumers believe companies have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people. And as environmental concerns reach an all-time high, brands in every industry are assuming greater accountability for their role in combatting climate change by building sustainability directly into their business models—enacting positive practices that are more than just a ploy to earn consumer loyalty. Here are some noteworthy examples…

examples of sustainability brands


Fintech company, Doconomy, introduced a new type of credit limit—the carbon limit—that tracks the carbon footprint of each purchase and cuts off spending when users reach their monthly limit. 



Karma, Swedish food-waste app, sells excess food from restaurants to consumers for a significantly reduced price to reduce waste. 



Fashion bloggers and beauty influencers are beginning to denounce the industry’s wasteful cycle of churning out new products, actively staking a stance against excess consumerism. 



Car-free neighborhoods and city centers are popping up in places like Arizona, Oslo and Madrid in an effort to curb pollution from vehicles and promote healthier lifestyles.



Norway broke ground on the world’s first energy-positive airport city in Oslo, powered by renewable energy and functioning as a local source of clean power for surrounding communities.



One Ocean Beauty, an emerging skincare brand, not only employs sustainable packaging, but also responsibly sources all marine-active ingredients through “blue biotechnology”, rather than harvesting from the oceans.

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