Apr 20, 2016

United Passions in British Columbia – An Inside look at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing


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wiegeleshotBy George Apregan, BrandJuice Creative Intern

As a few weeks have passed since my family’s trip to Blue River, British Columbia, I am able to reflect on the relationship that our family has had with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing throughout the years. While I have been going to Mike’s helicopter skiing operation for the past 8 years, the brand has been an integral part of our family for almost 3 decades.

The personal connection to MWHS comes from the shared memories that the organization has created for my family over the years. From guide, Bob Sayer throwing my sister and I off the 20 foot high dive into Lake Eleanor as kids, to the late guide Andy Aufschnaiter building us bikes for our weeklong summer trip, the company goes beyond it’s requirements in crafting surreal experiences for its guests, both in-season and out.

At 77, Mike continues to run his operation fueled by a lifelong passion for creating accessible powder skiing. Mike’s passion for creating this shared experience has been communicated to employees, and absolutely adopted throughout the entire organization. There is no elitist attitude here, but simply a desire from all employees to ensure they go the extra mile to expose all guests to the wonderful powder skiing and scenery of British Columbia. Year-in, year-out, the same guests return with the same goal, to spend time with friends and family and share laughter and smiles in the mountains with one another. While everyone might have a different experience at MWHS, the culture within the organization stimulates a unique response from each individual, fueling a lifelong powder addiction.

The lessons learned from Mike Wiegele’s are simple. Incredible customer service—fueled by an authentic message—can result in a brand that will continue to retain long-term client relationships. Mike’s pure love for skiing and his organization’s ability to create vibrant experiences for clients has helped maintain its image as a pioneer of heli-skiing. It has been an incredible experience being able to ski at Mike Wiegele’s for the past 8 years and I look forward to skiing there for years to come.


After leading a group down the glacier, Bob Sayer sets a path for guests to venture inside an ice cave.


Father figure Craig Apregan laughs after failing to land a cliff drop.




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