Sep 25, 2015

5 Denver Startup Week Sessions You Can’t Miss


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As the 2nd best city to launch a startup according to Forbes, it’s no secret that Denver is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. And starting Monday, Denver’s 4th annual Startup Week will be at the center of it all. A celebration of everything tech, design, business, growth, and manufacturing, the week will be jam-packed with ideas, innovation, and the inspiring people behind them. But with 200+ events packed into 5 days, crafting the perfect schedule is a little overwhelming. To help you make the most of your week, BrandJuice compiled a list of the 5 Denver Startup Week sessions you don’t want to miss:


Design Disrupters Day: Brand Camp
Hear about the trends and strategies crucial to building a successful brand straight from the agency experts themselves—including the mind behind BrandJuice’s own branding genius: Andrea Stone.

Identifying the Things Your Brand Does Best – and Kicking the Rest to the Curb
Get to one. That’s BrandJuice’s philosophy. Learn how to get to that one point or benefit that is distinct to you—the one thing ownable to your brand that can make a killing.

Design Thinking for Innovation
There’s a misconception that design is some mythical process carried out by only the most talented of creative people—it isn’t. There’s no real mystery to it, but there is a method behind Design Thinking that can help anyone learn to innovate, and this session takes you through it step-by-step.

How to Write Killer Copy and Connect with Customers
We connect with customers through the stories we tell—not the products we sell. Learn to develop content, craft better copy, and tell compelling stories. Why do we think this an awesome session? Because regardless of industry, communication is universal—and doing it effectively is the difference between success and failure.

TechCrunch Denver Meetup + Pitch-Off
TechCrunch is coming to Denver for the first time to hold their legendary Meetup + Pitch-Off, a competition between 10 startup companies all competing for the grand prize. This session will be an all-out celebration of innovation—plus the fun of some friendly competition.


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