Mar 15, 2023

Future-Proofing Scaled Agile’s Expanding Brand


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Living in an era of constant change means that even the most agile industry leaders can’t simply stay the course and expect to remain ahead of competition. This is a fact Scaled Agile is especially aware of as the providers of SAFe®––the world’s most trusted system for business agility.  

 In prep for the launch that would significantly expand its offering, the Scaled Agile brand reached a time of transition with three clear objectives:

    1. Set the brand up for future growth with a unified strategic portfolio structure and intuitive naming strategy
    2. Create communication tools to tell a revitalized brand story that clearly expresses enhanced customer value
    3. Build on its optimized visual expression to lead customers through their engagement journey

Launched this week, the evolved SAFe® Studio online platform is the new home for all things SAFe. It supports users through learning, practicing, and managing SAFe within their organizations.



A Foundation for the Future

With its familiar, well-known framework being the center of SAFe for a decade, it was imperative to create a portfolio structure that expands the hierarchy of its brand assets. This structure would define how the framework and SAFe Studio relate to each other, demonstrating exponential brand impact for clear communication and a roadmap for future growth. 

“As Scaled Agile has grown, it’s been a challenge to gain internal alignment around our offerings. By helping us create a long-term brand portfolio, BrandJuice provided the structure to internally align around a bold vision, while also giving teams the flexibility to build the solutions customers were asking for,” said the Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Brand at Scaled Agile Inc.

Future-proofing the brand went one step further with a naming formula for SAFe Studio. Putting this tool into place prior to launch ensured that all brand assets, at launch and in the future, will live as a cohesive, organized portfolio that is intuitive to its customers.



Communicating Expanded Value

To prepare Scaled Agile’s SAFe Studio to launch, the brand needed a strong set of communications tools in place, to speak to all audiences at all levels of an enterprise. For existing customers, it needed to convey that the core of SAFe reliably remained while the overall offering layered in greater value. And, for potential customers, the brand needed a strong value proposition to serve as a differentiated hook that would resonate and make them want to learn more.

“Thousands of enterprises worldwide use SAFe, which creates a particular challenge: how do we connect with customers in every type of industry regardless of their global location? Having a unique, crisp message that didn’t alienate specific industries or cultures was key to our growth as a company. This new messaging matrix provides us with a roadmap to tell our story at the highest level, while also connect individually in one-on-one conversations,” Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Brand at Scaled Agile Inc. said. 

By considering the Scaled Agile brand long before the launch of SAFe Studio, the company set themselves up for success. Putting all the branded materials into place ensured a cohesive story from day one and long into the future.


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