Aug 22, 2019

Inside look at Graphic Design Intern, Alexa Tymecki


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Alexa Tymecki, Graphic Design Intern, is the spotlight of our August employee profile. We sat down for a Q&A to deep dive into her refreshing way of thinking and insightful vision that drives our team every day.


Tell us about where you grew up?

I grew up in Helotes, Texas, the perfect combination of small town southern vibes and (literal) corny puns. I remember that town for its annual Cornival, Friday night football games, Fiesta and Rodeo seasons.

What brand is your personality most aligned with and why?

REI’s sub-brand Force of Nature. They’re lively, showcase creativity and empower women to get outdoors, so pretty much my favorite things.

What led you to choose this field of work?

I’ve always been a visual communicator. Words can become too complex, whereas design can be simple and still hold the same level of sophistication. The first design topic I ever learned was the anatomy of logos, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?

Who inspires me? Brianna Madia- a writer, outdoor advocate and alternative living extraordinaire. She’s a fearless creative, whose authentic in her pursuits and intimately invites you into her world. But really, I’m inspired by any woman who challenges the status quo and fights for things she’s passionate about.

What’s your most irrational fear?

Closed shower curtains, I’ve seen too many scary movies to not know better. I will always peak behind them… just in case. 

If you could keep only 5 possessions, what would they be?

An iPad so I can draw and journal freely, my Nana’s ring from 1928, a DSLR, backpack and my flat brim hat. The less things you own, the less they own you right?

What are you drinking come five o’clock?

A Saison followed by water, because I’m still adjusting to the elevation in Denver.

Best restaurant in Denver? 

I really enjoy a tasty breakfast, so Snooze an A.M Eatery would have to be my go-to.

What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? Ever?

This year: that little book casing that holds my college diploma. All time: The Alchemist.

When you’re in need of creative inspiration, where do you go? What do you do?

Depending on how much time I have, I like to visit outdoor gear stores, meander in record shops, or go camping.

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

Possibly the greatest picture I’ve ever taken; my corgi mix Pita on a flower covered mountainside from a recent camping trip.

Dog in mountain field


If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

Take a deep breath and embrace it all.

What’s your favorite thing about interning at BrandJuice?

That’s easy, the people. Everyday I’m surrounded by hardworking and dedicated individuals who inspire me to do more. They are incredible examples to learn from and work beside. Creative minds are truly harvested here.


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