Elevating the market strategy for a child development pioneer


Strider Bikes pioneered the pedal-less bike category, a child development toy that has grown in popularity in the past 10 years. With so much growth in the industry, it was time to dive into consumer insights around child development to discover consumer fears and redirect messaging to enhance the brand’s positioning. All the while, exploring opportunities to keep Strider ahead of the pack.


In-home research and exploratory territories allowed us to narrow in on key insights. By workshopping big ideas in collaboration with the Strider internal team, we brought two campaign concepts to life. These creative executions provided visual space for Strider to succeed in and out of the market category.

Learning to ride a bike has long been a critical milestone for both children and parents, but also creates some uneasiness. Strider Bikes wanted to strike that intimidation factor, for good. With a product designed to eliminate the need for training wheels all together, Strider was inspiring confidence in toddlers as young as two years old. But with so many look-alikes in the category and a new first-of-its-kind product launching, it needed a marketing plan and campaign that would truly elevate the brand. We conducted in-home research with parents across the country to better understand the emotions attached to their children’s biking experiences, which allowed us to identify and prioritize the brand’s key segments and build two campaign concepts, both rooted in a deep consumer insight, that could help Strider achieve its growth goals and spread the Strider love, one kid at a time.

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